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Obsidian Truth Bracelet

The Feng Shui Obsidian Truth Bracelet


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Obsidian is a stone of colossal power, enabling you to distinguish between truth and falsehoods. The Obsidian Truth Bracelet is a Buddhist-inspired piece of jewelry, containing potent mantras from Eastern philosophy.

The round beads are engraved with a Sanskrit mantra, pronounced “Om Mani Padme Hum”. Each syllable represents a different Pāramitā or ‘Perfection’, Generosity (Om), Ethics (Ma), Patience (Ni), Diligence (Pad), Renunciation (Me), and Wisdom (Hum). It’s the most popular mantra in Tibetan Buddhism and can bring peace and tranquillity to those who recite it.

The oval beads feature a passage from the Heart Sutra. It reminds you that form is empty and everything is constantly changing. It allows you to distinguish between conventional truth and ultimate truth, and utilize this knowledge in everyday life.

Throughout history, obsidian has been called ‘The Wizard Stone’. It was used in magical practices by the Maya, Aztecs, and Ancient Egyptians. They often made what’s known as an obsidian mirror, a reflective pane of obsidian that allows the user to delve deep into their own psyche. Obsidian is ruthless at highlighting personal flaws, helping you let go of negative traits. Combine this with the inscribed mantras to increase the effects!

If you have some kind of mental or emotional block, then obsidian can help you get to the root of it quickly. Meditating with obsidian is like taking a trip inside yourself, revealing inner truth. Again, apply the mantras and be content with the ever-changing universe. You may have a block now, but this bracelet reminds you that it won’t last forever.

Experience the truth and bloom into the person you were meant to be.


  • Shape: Round
  • Bracelet type: Bead Bracelet
  • Material: Obsidian
  • Color: Black, Gold

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Black, Gold