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Creativity Enhancing Bracelet

The Creativity Enhancing Bracelet


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You spend hours racking your brain for the best idea: the one that’s original and unique, the one that only you can think of. What if it didn’t have to take so long? The Creativity Enhancing Bracelet provides a mega boost to your creativity levels. See how much time it sheds off your next genius idea.

Apatite is a powerful stone that helps to free the mind of confusion. It provides a crystal clear state of mind, a clean slate for you to receive new ideas. Often called a stone of manifestation, Apatite strengthens independence and advocates ambition. It minimizes emotional exhaustion, keeping you full of energy for longer, while increasing memory recall so that you never forget that epic idea you had.

Positivity plays a huge role in what makes Apatite so good at what it does. It lifts your spirits and keeps them suspended there.

Delve deep into your imagination and source the most original and innovative ideas. Use the energy of the bracelet to manifest them into being.

Affirmation: Use creative mantras such as “I am full of original ideas” to enhance the effects of the stone.

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12mm 16beads, 10mm 19beads, 8mm 23beads, 6mm 30beads